Our Credo
  • The objective is to develop, market and distribute products for the traditional and organic market.
  • The overall goal is an above-average growth in these markets, to safeguard the company independence and to increase the company value.
  • We believe in competition as a motor for development and as an important tool to increase efficiency.
  • We compete with a high level of motivation and competence and we act fair.
    Our clients are in the centre of all our efforts. We treat them as true partners and we believe to be successful only together with them.
  • As an importer and distributor, we feel obliged to justify the trust of our suppliers through strong efforts and lasting success. Every brand is treated as if it was our own.
  • From our suppliers, we expect reliable deliveries as well as good quality and a safe product. We treat our clients and suppliers fairly, openly and correctly and we expect to be treated the same by them.
  • We expect our colleagues and employees to be motivated, responsible and competent. We try to comply with their personal wishes and needs in order to support them in finding a healthy balance between work and private life.
  • We try to meet our social responsibility through the selection of products that we distribute and through our engagement for the well-being of society.